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Even the best revelations can get grounded with the mixture of error.

ACTS Global™ is all about restoring & implementing the integrity & authority of the 1st Century Church. We are not a ministry, but likeminded churches with a vision for what worked in Scripture. How did the early church operate day to day? There may not have been a 'typical' day, but when they fellowshipped together, they loved each other. And if a healing or miracle was needed, the benefits of being a believer were available.

By observation, about 80% of Christianity (all sectors of denominations), do not believe the miraculous is possible, and that it was only a temporary sign & wonder to get the church started. Men may have changed God's plan, but God never removed those gifts from being available to the church. Men have changed the doctrines of Christ so that they don't have to do the same works He did. Do not fall into the leaven of the Pharisees. Spiritual gifts were given because they were needed.

If you have applied to the ACTS initiative and are a member of the Overcomers' Community, you have access to resources to help you in your journey has an elder. Maybe you don't see yourself operating everyday as an elder, but your heart continues to grow & burn to serve the Bishop, Jesus Christ. You need resources to help lead & the forum is a wonderful place to learn from other's growing experience.

There is a new posting on the forum you need to be aware of. We've added a 5-week study on the Doctrine's of Christ. We recommend you download these PDFs & take your gathering/church through these weeks. Sound doctrine is attacked, not from unbelievers, but by spirits of error that operate in other parts of the Body! Like this photo - Christianity has made silos of a revelation, but did not incorporate that revelation with the whole gospel and it stunts the believer from taking off. Know what you believe! Don't assume the enemy won't use error in your life just because you love God. God wants you to be a smart lover of Him and His word.


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